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Make your next party a foamtastic event! Florida Foam Factory is Florida’s premier choice for foam, bubble, and snow experiences!

Enjoy a silent dance party where everyone wears cutting-edge wireless headphones and dances to the music of their choice with zero judgment.

Take your party to another level with this GellyBall shooting game! It’s the perfect choice to add an extra layer of competition to your celebration.

GellyBall puts an exciting twist on traditional paintball, offering all the fun without the mess or pain. We’ll bring the GellyBall experience to you!

Rock Lobster Silent Disco

Wherever you choose to dance, we’ll bring the beat to your feet! Imagine a dance floor where the music is not blaring from towering speakers but is flowing through your ears, creating a private party just for you. This is a silent disco! Rock Lobster Silent Disco parties fit any venue and event, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary dance floors.

  • Unique Experience: From retro 80s extravaganzas to themed parties, our silent disco setup can transform events into any world you desire.
  • Seamless Music Switching: Seamlessly switch between music genres, allowing you and your guests to explore diverse beats and keep the party vibes flowing all night long.
  • Effortless Fundraising: Raise money for your organization with this unique event concept. We donate 33% of ticket sales back to your cause.

The Gellyball Experience

Discover the thrill of GellyBall – an activity not just for kids! Perfect for birthdays, family gatherings, or corporate events, The Gellyball Experience adds excitement without the mess or pain of traditional paintball. Why go to the fun when the fun can come to you? We can transform any space into a GellyBall battlefield with our mobile setup.

  • Safe Excitement: Both kids and kids-at-heart will love GellyBall battles. The GellyBalls are non-toxic and biodegradable, making them safe for people, pets, and trees.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Engage in competitive gameplay, adding an element of challenge and teamwork that enhances the overall GellyBall enjoyment.
  • No Mess, All Fun: The GellyBalls are water-hydrated and will shrink to a tiny size before disintegrating entirely, leaving no stains or residue.


Florida Foam Factory

Enjoy the hottest new way to celebrate any occasion for guests of all ages! Picture a Foam Party brought to you by our partner, the Florida Foam Factory, transforming an area up to 30 x 30 feet and 6 feet high into a cool, clean, and allergy-free foam wonderland. Enhance the atmosphere with music and lights for an evening filled with fun and laughter.

  • Fun For All Ages: Florida Foam Factory will crank up the family-friendly music so everyone can have the most unique dance party ever!
  • Complete Party Experience: The package includes a professional foam cannon, full DJ service, music, lights, and a professional foamologist.
  • Fun Add-Ons: Make your foam party glow with the UV Glow Foam add-on! It’s the coolest thing you’ll ever see.

Add-On Activities for Extra Fun!

Level up your celebration with these party upgrades that can be added to your Florida Foam Factory, Rock Lobster Silent Disco, or The GellyBall Experience activities. 

Say goodbye to static photos! Let Capture 360 Events capture the essence of your most cherished moments with their immersive 360-degree photo booth experiences.

Upgrade the restroom experience at your party with the luxurious, modern, and impeccably clean portable restroom trailers from Full Flow Lavish Loos. Your guests will thank you!

Pizza cones at your celebration? Why not! The Pamz Pizza Conez food truck serves mouthwatering pizza cones, chicken tenders, fried ravioli, and more to satisfy your guests’ cravings. 

Make your party blossom with Flower Me Tampa Décor and Rentals! They create beautiful custom BloomBoards, flower walls, and much more that will add an elegant ambiance to any special event.

Want to add a great addition to your next foam party or special event?  Have Captain Seb and his parrot, “Squawky” make a special appearance and surprise all of your guests.

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Unique Activities

Dive into various fun-packed activities such as Foam Parties, Silent Disco Events, and GellyBall. Our offerings guarantee entertainment that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Stress-Free Planning

Leave the stressful parts to us! With First Choice Events & Entertainment, you can take a moment to unwind and enjoy the lead-up to your event. Choose us for a worry-free and well-organized event experience.

Fun and Engaging

Let the good times roll with our exciting activities and add-ons! First Choice not only brings people together in laughter but also ensures there's something for everyone.

Memorable Experiences

Our team goes beyond organizing events; we create memories. We aim to make each party unforgettable, ensuring that your event is talked about and cherished for years to come.

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